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First Humans: Cave Discovery

This documentary for  Channel 4 Secret History shows the amazing discovery of ancient hominid remains deep in a cave in South Africa. The bones are from a species that may have lived 2 million years ago. Paleoanthropologists have called the creature Homo Naledi, and they believe it gives us unique insights into the path of human evolution.

Quickfire re-edited and rescripted the film, which was originally made by National Geographic and PBS in America.

Just completed an amazing project for the University of York. They invited us to film a performance by Caius College Choir of music by by the Tudor composer Nicholas Ludford, in the chapel of St Mary Undercroft in Westminster Palace. Cameras are not usually allowed inside the chapel, which is one of the few original 13th century sections of the Palace. Although Ludford sung in the chapel during his lifetime, his  music has not been heard there for almost 500 years. We were able to film it in  a three-camera shoot, to provide a record of this remarkable event.